Thursday, February 17, 2011

Edmonton Bridge Centre: Partnership Desk

Edmonton Bridge Centre: Partnership Desk: "27 Feb 2011 Unit 391 AGM@ EBCGame 1:00Meeting4:15HospitalityAfter Require a partner for that game. Mavis preferred .. Bob Crosby"

I've always wanted to BLOG - just wasn't sure how to go about it. Thank you, Bob, for providing me with this opportunity. Would be pleased to fulfill your partnership requirement for the Unit game.

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  1. Blogging needs special pre-registration by the Edmonton Bridge Centre. Mavis was given that right. However commenting is actually BLOGING also. Techies call it a "thread" as the comment is subsequent to a previous BLOG. Everyone in the EBC membership has a right to comment as long as they pre-register with Google. I explained that procedure in previous comments on BLOG items.