Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Web Site

The EBC & UNIT 391 will have a newly designed web site shortly. An integral part of this new site is member participaction. The EBC BLOG is the way to express yourself interactively with the EBC & your fellow members. The purpose of the BLOG is to enjoy your hobby the best way possible. People can make a difference in that regard so do not hesitate to let your ideas be known.

Learn to use this BLOG in creative ways. A BLOG is a nice idea as it lets the entire membership participate by sharing thoughts & ideas. Use it like a letter to the editor , a suggestion box or even a complaint department.

A WEB site is analogous to a newpaper where you publish when you feel like it. Doug Hawrelak has promissed articles on the art of choosing which red wine goes with which type of  finesse or comparable Bridge play.

Tornaments can be written up. A tornament does not have to be over when it is over. Write about some of the highlights or lowlights of the experience. Working at the game of Bridge should be fun , not work.

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