Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pictures - We need pictures

As a newly elected webmaster , I would like the EBC Web Site to have the lok & feel of Facebook. pictures will be the lifeline of this site. Old pictures for historical pictures can be scanned into a .jpeg file & mailed to me. New digital cameras have..jpeg files ready to send. I am not a photographer so I must rely on EBC members to keep this Bridge site alive.

A picture is supposed to be worth a 1000 words so let the picture tell a story. Even send in 60 year old baby pictures of EBC members might be fun. Everybody seems to have a scanner now adayes or can go to a commercial one to get the job done. Newspaper articles on Bridge exploits can be scanned & made into a .jpeg for posting on the BLOG. ABLOG is a unique way EBC mmembers & the Edmonton Bridge Center can communicate with each other. Scan your conconvention card of your 75 % game & we can post it. The list is endless ..

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